Ideas from Subcontractors

Submitted ideas from subcontractors 

Labor Shortage - Dealing with the subcontractors availability complete the work before they Bid the work - Schedule management from precon

This is a Subcontractor value that benefits the GC.

Subcontractor gets sent ITBs sometime multiple time a day from different GCs.  How does the sub prioritize his invitation or work? 

Speaking from experience a sub will review the start date and make a calculated guestimate of capacity to cover it, or they won't consider the timeline and they will send a bid response based on relationship to GC (And hope they can cover it)  or Greed (I want that job).  With the shortage of labor, schedule management is the only tool that we can serve our clients needs.  If we can provide the GC with a very quick high-level guess-estimate of when the specific tradesmen will be required to work we can have a better communication and relationship from Sub to GC. 


Step One:  GC will need to put Construction Start date and Construction Completion date & Type of construction (new construction, Tenant Buildout, REmodel, etc..)

- Subcontractor askes the GC when he thinks his trade would be needed on the project?

Step Two:  the GC would be able to click an 'Expand to estimated schedule view'  on their bid management tab.  Bid Managment tab converts from a Coverage report to a Gantt schedule report with - Start of the project in the top left corner to completion listed in bottom right corner.   A waterfall visual will replace out 'Will Bid, Won't Bid, view.

- GC notifies the sub of the estimated timeline on the project 



Give the sub access to a Schedule of the project - disclose it as an estimate.  All driven by actions in step one.


How can we do it?

Actionable Time Line Points (construction inspection points) to make this work:  Site work    -     Foundation    -   Framing    -    Mechanicals     -    Window & Doors    -   Interiors   -   

Timeline templates based on the Type of construction: new construction, Tenant Buildout, REmodel, etc..

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