Ideas from Subcontractors

Submitted ideas from subcontractors 

Historic Time line visual of our users actions/communication on a bidding a project.

This is an intuitive visual that gives the subcontractor and General Contractor a view of how they correspond with each other via ConstructConnect.  This is for the subcontractor and our General contractor. 

Location for sub = on or in the ITB from the inviting GC

Location for GC = in the private directory


The value provided by the idea:

1) GC only has a single layer of the communication transparency from a vendor - Will Bid, Won't Bid, UnderReview.  This idea will show the subcontractor that they can use the system for more than bid response. - More value for the customer.  Goal would be to get our users login into the system to send RFI, follow-up, Bid Submission, Prequalification.

2) This is a soft approach to changing behaviors of our subcontractor users - i.e. "waiting till the last day to bid a job", "RFI sent on day after Addendum - linking to the same arch":.

3) INTERNALLY - we can really capture the activity habits of our users.  After 6 months we should be able to quantify that Mechanical contractors wait to the day before the bid to turn in bid/proposals.  With this data we can target our subcontractors with better communication.  OR C4L can have a conversation that talks to the habits of our consumer.   Better engagement from our C4L team, this can define a GREAT opportunity to train our staff about construction.

4) Social Media aspect. On the picture, I have a soccer ball.  When our user creates a profile we can ask them their favorite past time activity.  In the pictured example - a Soccer ball (it could be Target for hunting, fish for fishing, football for football).  Any time a user has a 'Great Moment' in our system we can visualize it as a connection to the users favorite past time.   Marketing can collect this data for an improved GoToMarket strategy, i.e. if 70% of our users in Atlanta love soccer, we will want to target them with a 'Soccer themed marketing message' or if maybe we host an event supporting the major pastime identified via our user's profiles. 

  • Michael 'MJ' Lewis
  • Oct 27 2017
  • Think It- Under Review
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